About NICA

What is the Next in Coaching Academy?

The Next in Coaching Academy is a source for health coaches, like you, to learn more about coaching, practice your skills, connect with other coaches, and build your business.

With the new National Board Certification, a standard for health coaches has been established and elevates the profession to new levels.  NICA provides professional training opportunities, the access to mentor coaches and ways to connect to a broader community so that, as coaches we can be the very best at this artful craft we care so deeply about.

We know you live and work from your values.  You wouldn’t be a health coach otherwise.  We know this and live from ours too.  Allow us to help you fill the gaps so that you can feel the satisfaction that comes from helping people and the success that comes from organizing yourself and your business to achieve your goals.

We help you make a difference!

The Next in Coaching Academy is an organization dedicated to providing health coaches with services that support and expand upon their initial coach training and help them market and grow their businesses.  If coaches are supported in their work, they can quickly and succinctly impact more people and together, we’ll have contributed to an initiative that will change the course of health and wellness in the nation.

With courses, talks and resources provided by expert coaches and trainers, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of specialized attention in an area that will support you and your client market.  Courses are offered through live online and recorded online sessions and in person, at locations in the southeast.

The Academy offers practice sessions where you can hone your skills learned in training.  You’ll have practice partners and mentors available should you wish to arrange for immediate feedback and guidance.

NICA is a source for coaches with varying degrees of experience to learn, teach, grow and connect.  Each live Coaches Connections event includes an opportunity for networking with other coaches or professionals who use coaching skills in their work with clients or colleagues.

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